Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Like Father Like Son

This is an excerpt from an article I read recently on the ABC News website http://www.abc.net.au/.  It occured to me how this has been my experience also within other institutions.  Read on:

Jason Nicoll served as a peacekeeper in Rwanda and saw combat in East Timor with the Australian Army.

He eventually left the army with post-traumatic stress disorder and says the military ostracised him and gave him no support.

"When a bloke who's been in the army for a fair while and comes to his hierarchy, who he should be able to trust, and says that he's having a few dramas, when they push him aside and ridicule him, that's pretty low in my eyes," he said.

"When you've done the time and you've put it all on the line for the hierarchy, you've put it all on the line for the country, you should be getting the support from within the unit. [But] it's just not there."

We expect support from the armed forces, how much more should we expect support from our brethren.  Our Lord Jesus Christ said, we shall know them by their fruit.  The next time when we are in trouble and ask for help, watch to see just who helps.  So often it is not who we think it should or will be ...  How do I react when someone asks me for help, fails in front of me, breaks down and can't finish the job or just plain needs a shoulder to cry on ... God help me not to whip him, leave him and then curse his name to all who will hear.  These things should not be so, especially among His children.  Whose children are we, who is our Father?  Is it God, the Father or the father of lies?

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