Thursday, 20 October 2011

Turner Times October 2011

We were reminded it is Storm Season here in Queensland a few Saturday mornings ago.  By 7am it was thunder, wind, lightening and heavy rain.

This is our view South West.  We had flash flooding within the first half hour.

This little guy didn't cope well.  The storm blew him into our gutter on the garage.  We rescued him and put him in this box with dry sheets. 

Emmeline made her first completely- on- her- own cake.  It was good!

Three devoted carers for the "storm bird".  He went on to make a complete recovery and flew away the next morning!

Next day, beautiful!  " .... in the morning cometh joy .."

Jedidiah had his training wheels taken off last week.

My lillies are out.  Aren't they lovely!

This morning our pigs were born!  A boy and a girl.  We are very excited!

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