Sunday, 4 December 2011

Serendipity - Happy Circumstance

The plan was to meet at Roma Street Parklands but we couldn't find a park so
we headed towards home and Daddy did his "serendipity" thing - just have a
look over the hill or around the corner. Well we took a right at Newstead
Park and found this gem on the banks of the Brisbane River. It was truly

A cool breeze blew on our bare feet where we had kicked off our best church
shoes onto soft, green, shadowy grass under the grandiose Poincianas. These
national treasures, the sign said, were planted in 1926. River Cats cruised
up and down the River, with the wash gently lapping on the river banks. We
dined on plain bread rolls, yesterday's BBQ, Arnotts cream biscuits (thank
you Gran) and a bottle of water each - cheap and very cheerful.

And guess what, there was even low flying aircraft !!!! I love that! We
looked up to see the belly of 767s coming over low above our heads, over the
river and down to BNE airport - perfect.

What a great day, thank you Lord.

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