Saturday, 28 January 2012

Gran is 80!

Happy 80th Birthday Mum! Mum and Dad did the very best they knew how in
raising my brother and I. Mum sacrificed more than she had to and Dad kept
a job he sometimes found hard to do just to keep our home together. We were
a very quiet, small unit. Friday afternoons until Monday morning was family
time. My friends were my brother, my parents and our pets. It was a normal
day to sit on the back step with my dog enjoying the morning sun. "Good
Friday" was a day to be sad for Jesus on the dot of 3pm. Sundays if we were
out driving, Mum would always comment on the local church crowd as "those
good people going to church". We went to private colleges run by major
denominations. We didn't have to go to church on Sundays. That was my take
on church. Life was very simple, honest and uncomplicated. Sunday nights
was The Waltons on Channel 10. I loved that. I always thought only special
women could have a big family. When I had my first two children, God showed
me I could too. Over the years, He has shown me many, many wonderful
truths. I am grateful for my upbringing which I can look back on and see
His hand on. I can see Him leading me along to the point of making a
decision on what I really believed in 1995. And now, it's such a blessing
to celebrate my parents' 80th birthdays these past few years. Praise God
for His plan of family and relationships. My parents have seen much in
their lives. Some things I wished they didn't see yet surely God knows these
things too and is still "leading His dear children along". My prayer is we
will be together for eternity one day.

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