Monday, 2 January 2012

New Years Eve 2011

We set up camp at Settlement Cove at Redcliffe.  It was busy but we were able to enjoy it just the same very much!  Zinc does wonders even if it is hard to get off when we get home ...

Love this place, right on the Bay at Redcliffe. 

Never get tired of the resort, lagoon feel.  There are small vents in the pool floor that act like mini spas on my feet.  I sit and let my feet get a massage.

Mr Jedidiah said "no" to a photo.  However, we took one just the same.  There was a cold wind blowing even though the sun was hot.  Master Jed was cold.  Mummy's lap and the towels helped, corn chips saved the day ...

Young Budd was haaapppppppyyyyy.

Phoebe was cold too but well protected.

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