Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Where Have We Been?

Well it is all of a few months since we ventured over to "More of our days together" so due to popular demand we are back here at Turners In Christ.   Why the change?  I struggle greatly with privacy issues, why I blog, who reads it, who lurks, what intentions readers have, vanity, pride issues ... humbly I come and go at the "blog" idea.  I love it, then I doubt the use of this internet for privacy and twisted humanity reasons ... I'm going to try again to blog with discretion and humility.  Certainly it is my E-craft and I enjoy the photos and template colourings I can achieve, also it is a marvellous evangelistic tool and a great encourager to His brethren, His people, the church.  Charlotte has taken hold of the idea to blog after years of my encouraging her to do so .. maybe she will handle it better than I have.  I am conscious of much I to and fro with in this life sometimes wisely, sometimes foolishly.  One truth in my life I do not do this with is Jesus Christ.  He is my God, my Lord and Saviour and my constant, my all and my best friend.  He certainly leads me down some scary, wonderful paths, always dealing so very bountifully with me. Praise to Him alone.
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